Planning & Development

Planning Department Annual Reports

View our annual reports from the Planning Department including growth and development related statistic and project information.

Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Update

View more information about the ongoing work to update Corman Park's Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw, including information about upcoming engagement events. 

Planning Policy Updates

View the ongoing planning, development and growth studies occurring within Corman Park.

Planning & Zoning Documents

All of the R.M.'s various planning and zoning policy documents are located here to provide guidance on land use, development regulations, zoning, and more.

P4G Planning District

The Planning District is an area within Corman Park surrounding Martensville, Osler Saskatoon and Warman where there is a joint interest in managing land use and development.

Permit Information

Learn more about the various development permit and building permit requirements and download application forms for your agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial or recreational project.

North Corman District Development Appeals Board

The board is made up of representatives from Corman Park, Warman, Martensville, Osler, Langham and Dalmeny, with the role of adjudicating development appeals under the provisions of The Planning and Development Act, 2007.

Zoning Compliance Certificate

A Zoning Compliance Certificate (ZCC) can be requested for any property. The intent is to confirm compliance with zoning regulations and building bylaw requirements. A ZCC will identify all buildings which have building and/or development permits, but does not inspect the property. Any development which does not appear on a ZCC may have been constructed without the required approvals.

ag to res


Rezoning involves changing the Zoning District of a property to a different Zoning District. Typically, a rezoning is required because the current Zoning District does not allow for the proposed development or there is a conflict with the proposed land use, parcel size or other regulation.

parcel tie

Consolidation & Parcel Tie Removal

The purpose of consolidation is to combine two parcels to create one, larger parcel under one legal title. A 'parcel tie' or 'tie codes' cause two or more parcels to be treated as one, even though each parcel will have a distinct Surface Parcel Number and legal land description. A parcel tie removal is similar to subdivision and allows for the titles to the parcels to be untied.

subdivision concept


Subdivision is the process in which a parcel of land is divided into two or more parcels, in order to obtain separate legal titles.

This page provides information on the application process, fees and the allowable subdivisions within Corman Park.

Flood Plain from SSR Hydraulic Modelling and Mapping Study_Reduced

South Saskatchewan River Flood Plain

The South Saskatchewan River has a flood plain where lands are covered by water. Areas of flood fringe may be developed subject to conditions, while floodway lands are currently restricted from development. Corman Park has undertaken modelling, mapping and mitigation studies for the flood plain.

For a more detailed maps of Flood Way or Flood Fringe, please see the South Saskatchewan River Flood Plain Final Study or select the link here for only the Flood Way Classification Map (as pictured on the left).

North Lidar

Drainage Studies

A drainage study describes the flood water depths, flow direction and flow rates. A drainage study can be high level and completed for a broader region or site specific for a proposed development. Information on drainage studies can be found here.

Green network 2

Natural Area Screening Studies

A Natural Areas Screening includes an analysis of data on wetlands, significant wildlife and plant species, and important heritage resources for a specific area. Information and completed studies can be found on this page.

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Transportation Studies

Information on transportation studies undertaken by Corman Park or in partnership with other entities can be found on this page.