Taxes & Assessment

2023 Assessment Notices

The 2023 assessment notices have been mailed to all R.M. of Corman Park property owners.  Property assessment appeals may be initiated by any person with an interest in, or that is affected by, the assessed value or classification of any property. You can appeal if you believe there has been an error involving property valuation, property classification, and exemption, the contents of the assessment roll or the assessment notice; however there is no provision to appeal property taxes. A notice of appeal form is included with the assessment notice or is available at the municipal office or on our website:

For further information regarding assessment visit the SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) website  On the website on-line searches can be conducted for any property assessment in municipalities where assessment services are provided by SAMA. 

The Assessment Process and Its Relation to Taxes

SAMA will first determine an assessed value for properties.  After that, a provincial government tax policy is applied.  The policy multiplies a percentage formula against the assessed value, producing what is called the taxable value. 


            Provincial Property Classes and Percentages of Value

(N)Non-arable (Range)45% (R)Residential80% 



2023 Municipal Mill Rate

The R.M. of Corman Park Council has established the 2023 mill rates.

  • Uniform: 5.4 mills
  • 7.99 mills for agricultural property classes
  • 4.54 mills for residential, seasonal & multi-unit property class
  • 6.32 mills for commercial/industrial property classes

 The 2023 Tax Notices will be mailed mid-July, with payment to be received by the R.M. office prior to 5 p.m. December 29, 2023.

2023  Education Property Tax Mill Rates 

For 2023 the Prairie Spirit (Public) School Division #206 and the St. Paul’s R.C.S.S.D. #20 Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools are both expected to use the education property tax mill rate established by the province as follows:

  • 1.42 mills for agricultural property classes
  • 4.54 mills for residential, seasonal & multi-unit property classes
  • 6.86 mills for commercial/industrial property classes;
  • 6.147 mills for resource(oil and gas, mines and pipelines)


Calculating Your Estimated 2023 Municipal & Education Property Tax

To assist with estimating your 2023 property tax levy we have illustrated examples for the different property tax classes. The mill rate used to calculate the public and separate education property tax is the same.

The Final Taxable Value required for calculation is shown on the assessment notice for land and improvements by class.  

The effective Mill Rate required for calculating the municipal levy and school levy for each class are shown below.  
Municipal & school mill rates used are based on 2022, which is subject to change once 2023 mill rates are established.

Tax ClassTaxable Value XEffective Mill Rate =Levy 
 A & N 100,000 x 7.755 / 1000 =$775.50Municipal 
 A & N100,000 x 1.42 / 1000 =$142.00 Education Tax

 Tax ClassTaxable ValueXEffective Mill Rate= Levy 
 R & M & S100,000X 4.402/1000=$440.20Municipal
R & M & S100,000X4.54/1000=$454.00Educational Tax

Tax Class Taxable ValueXEffective Mill Rate=Levy 
 C & E & P100,000X6.131/1000=$613.10Municipal
C & E & P100,000X6.86/1000=$686.00Educational Tax