Custom Work Services

The RM of Corman Park offers custom work services to residents of the Municipality at reasonable rates. Custom work is completed as time permits, with the understanding that Public Works will take priority. Download a Policy TS-009 Custom Work (PDF) for more information. Applications for custom work should be signed and submitted to the RM office located at 111 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon.

Custom Work Rates

Time Charge
15 minutes or less (minimum charge) $51.00
16-30 minutes $102.00
31-45 minutes $153.00
1 Hour thereafter $204. 00/hr
Note:  Mowing rate is $134/hour or any portion thereof.

Custom Work Applications

  •  Note:  Custom work application submissions will  be accepted after the beginning of May and will be accepted until September 15th . Any requests after  September 15th are not guaranteed to be completed.  Once the main roadways have been serviced, received requests will be looked at. Mother Nature will also affect the processing of applications. 
  • Mowing (PDF)
  • Snow Removal Agreement (PDF)
  • Custom Grading