P4G Regional Plan

The P4G Regional Plan will look at the long term vision and strategy for rural and urban land use, servicing and development to grow the region to a population of 1 million people. The P4G includes Corman Park, Saskatoon, Warman, Martensville and Osler.

In May 2017, the P4G Regional Oversight Committee (ROC) endorsed the draft P4G Regional Plan, Servicing Strategy and Governance & Implementation Strategy; the draft documents are available to view or for download on the P4G project website. In fall 2017, all five municipal Councils “endorsed in principle” the documents as well.  The documents have been filed with Community Planning so development proposals in the region can be evaluated on the draft policies.
As part of the proposed P4G Regional Plan a new Planning District is envisioned to be created, including membership from the R.M., Saskatoon, Warman, Martensville and Osler.  This will include expanded Planning District boundaries as well as an expanded 13 voting member District Planning Commission.  

In order to create the new P4G Planning District, a new P4G Official Community Plan (OCP), P4G Planning Agreement and P4G Zoning Bylaw must be drafted and given Ministerial approval by the Ministry of Government Relations (Community Planning). The current P4G Regional Plan will act as the new OCP therefore municipal and legal review of this document is currently being coordinated.  Initial stages of drafting of the P4G District Planning Agreement and P4G Zoning Bylaw has begun; more information on the Zoning Bylaw project will be provided in the coming months.  
Once legal review and drafting of the other required documents is complete, the new P4G Planning District can be considered by all municipal Council’s for official approval by Bylaw; this is expected to take place in late 2020.  Additional public hearings, including the consideration for a joint public hearing between the five municipal Councils, will take place at that time.  More details will be provided once available.

Should you have any questions regarding the P4G Regional Plan please contact the R.M. Planning Department.