P4G Natural Areas Screening - Stage 1

Building on the results of the P4G Drainage Pilot Project that was completed in 2018, this phase of refinement for the P4G Green Network Study Area (GNSA), will comprise conducting a Natural Areas Screening and working with the Wanuskewin Heritage Park to create policies for development in the GNSA. 

Natural Areas Screening (NAS) is an analysis and inventory of data on wetlands, significant wildlife and plant species, and important heritage resources. The Wanuskewin Heritage Park (WHP) has important viewsheds that should be taken into consideration for development surrounding the Park.

An area in the northern part of the R.M. inside and outside the P4G study area was selected for the pilot project; a map of the study area can be found HERE.

The work with WHP will be done in house with the P4G Planning and Administration Committee (PAC) staff while the NAS would be done by the City of Saskatoon Utilities & Environment Department in conjunction with PAC. The NAS work begun in the spring of 2019 and is anticipated to be completed in early 2020. Discussions with the WHP are intended to be ongoing.

This work, when combined with the results from the P4G Drainage Pilot Project, will allow the P4G partners to make informed decisions about the location and design of development proposals within and adjacent to the GNSA within the study area. It will also enable the portions of the boundary of the GNSA to be confirmed or refined.

Updates and mapping results will be provided to R.M. and made public once available.

Should you have any questions regarding the P4G Natural Areas Screening - Stage 1 please contact the R.M. Planning Department.