Grasswood Market Impact Study

To better inform how the Grasswood area with the Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District, area might be developed the R.M. and City of Saskatoon engaged a consultant, Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. along with their sub-consultant Preferred Choice Development Strategists, to complete a Mixed Use Node Market Impact Study for the area to provide an impartial fact-based market assessment to help guide land use, phasing, and other policy decisions. 

The Study objectives were to:

  • identify the amount and type of development (commercial, residential, institutional) needed to meet projected growth while ensuring the viability of the region’s existing markets in the R.M. and City are not compromised;
  • identify a maximum square footage for commercial development in the Grasswood Mixed Use Node;
  • identify a phasing strategy for development in the Grasswood Mixed-Use Node; and,
  • identify requirements for future Market Impact Assessments for proposed new development in the Grasswood Mixed Use Node.

The Study initially took place from April 2015 – September 2015 and was to be completed by the end of 2015, however the route alignment for the Saskatoon Freeway, was still underway. The Study timeline was adjusted pending confirmation of the Saskatoon Freeway alignment, as the alignment had a direct impact on the recommendations for the Study. In March 2018, MHI established the alignment for the Saskatoon Freeway which allowed the R.M. and City Administrations to finalize the Study.

The Study includes location and population statistics and an overview of the feasible market-based demand for future retail, office, hotel, industrial, institutional, and residential uses within the Study area and the allocation of such demand over the next 35 years up to the year 2050. Included are a set of recommendations and future land use considerations. The Study recommendations also recognize continued need for dialogue and communications with First Nations rights-holders in the area related to partnerships on long term planning and servicing. 

A copy of the Study can be found HERE

The implementation of the Study recommendations will be incorporated into future concept plans as the Grasswood area is known to have significant servicing challenges, as well as capacity issues and the intent is to acknowledge the necessary infrastructure investments through this planning work.

Should you have any questions regarding the Grasswood Mixed Use Node Market Impact Study please contact the R.M. Planning Department.