Flood Related Policy Updates

Pic 2In 2021, the R.M. hired Stantec to complete a policy review and update of its Official Community Plans and Zoning Bylaws policies for the South Saskatchewan River Valley Area (flood plain). In addition, Stantec undertook additional hydraulic modelling to verify the results of the original Hydraulic Modelling and Mapping Study that was completed by Barr Engineering in 2019.

Through this project Stantec will:

  • produce bylaw maps that identify the flood fringe and floodway areas;
  • review provincial land use regulations as well as best practices from Canadian jurisdictions;
  • prepare recommendations for construction and development standards such as minimum building elevations, mound/fill requirements and utility installations for development within the study area;
  • discuss emergency management and the implementation of provincial flood regulations with provincial agencies; and
  • host public information and engagement sessions.  

November 2023 - Public Engagement Sessions
Stantec and the R.M. of Corman Park met with landowners, other stakeholders and members of the interested public at two public information sessions held on:

November 21st, 2023
Shaw Centre, South Meeting Room
122 Bowlt Crescent, Saskatoon
10:30 am to 1:00 pm                                                                                                                               
November 22nd, 2023
Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre, Manitoba Room
2002 Airport Dr, Saskatoon
4 pm to 7 pm 

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Open House Boards

September 11, 2023 Public Presentation

Corman Park and Stantec delivered a project update to the R.M. Planning Committee. An overview of the additional hydraulic modelling, flood plain mapping and policies were discussed.  

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Key Links

South Saskatchewan River Valley (flood plain) map

Hydraulic Modelling and Mapping Study (2019)

Statements of Provincial Interest

Contact Us

For any questions/comments regarding the flood plain study please contact Vicky Reaney, municipal project manager at 306-975-6965 or vreaney@rmcormanpark.ca

July 15, 2021 Public Presentation

Corman Park and Stantec hosted an online presentation to provide ratepayers with information regarding provincial legislation and flood policy, historical flooding events and how upstream impacts such as use of the Gardiner Dam impact flooding in Corman Park. Representatives from the Water Security Agency and Community Planning were also be in attendance. A moderated question session took place as well.  

We would still like to hear from you regarding your knowledge and experience with local flooding as well as any concerns you have with development on your lands. Additional engagement sessions will also be held in the future once a proposed policy framework has been developed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1:500 year flood event mean and why does Saskatchewan apply that standard?

A 1:500 year flood event means that a flood of that magnitude has a 0.2% chance of occurring annually. It does not mean that an area will flood only once every 500 years. Multiple 1:500 year flood events can happen during a 500 year time span. A 1:500 year flood event also identifies the characteristics of the water flow (depth and velocity). 

A flood standard is applied to protect the health and safety of people and property. The 1:500 year standard has been applied in Saskatchewan since 1978. A lower standard would allow for more development closer to watercourses and water bodies but would also increase the risk of flooding to people, municipalities and the province.

What is a flood plain?

A flood plain is an area of land bordering a watercourse (river, stream, or creek) or water body (lake, pond, or slough) that would be flooded as a result of a significant flood event. The Province of Saskatchewan has adopted a 1:500 year flood event as the standard representing a significant flood event. 

The flood plain is made up of flood fringe and floodway areas.

What is a floodway?

A floodway is the portion of the flood plain adjoining the channel where the waters in the 1:500 year flood event are projected to: 

  1. meet or exceed a depth of one metre; or 
  2. meet or exceed a velocity of one metre per second

A floodway is the area of land within a flood plain where flooding is most severe and where the potential for damage is the greatest.

What is a flood fringe?

A flood fringe is the portion of the flood plain that is not floodway. 

How is subdivision and development regulated in the floodplain within Corman Park?

Corman Park regulates building construction through its Building Bylaw and land use through its Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw. Provincial land use policies called the Statements of Provincial Interest outline the 1:500 year flood event regulations which Corman Park must follow in our policy documents. In other words, Corman Park is required to implement the 1:500 year flood event as our municipal standard, we are not allowed to modify or lower this provincial standard.

However, based on the provincial Statements of Provincial Interest, we know our policies are out of date. The intent of our current work is to update those standards to better describe to R.M. ratepayers how they can subdivide and develop their lands.

What if I have questions or concerns with what can occur on my lands?

At this time, we know there are questions, concerns, and unknown information when it comes to how you can develop or subdivide your property. For many property owners in the flood plain area, we know this has already been a difficult and upsetting process. During the engagement process, our goal will be to share information as clearly as possible, simplify information and have conversations that recognize the difficulty both property owners and the Corman Park are facing in implementing the Statements of Provincial Interest.