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Official Community Plan Survey

  1. Through its goals, objectives, and policies, the Corman Park Official Community Plan (OCP) sets the vision for growth in the R.M. and direction for where and how new development can occur. Specific standards required to implement the OCP are included in the Zoning Bylaw. 

    To ensure the OCP reflects the vision of the community, we are seeking input on what you think Corman Park’s goals should be over the next 25-30 years related to growth and development. OCP goals should be specific enough to clearly inform readers of what the R.M. is trying to achieve, but still broad enough that they can be applied to several different policy areas. 

  2. In summary, the current RM goals are:

    1. Maintaining the agricultural character of the municipality 
    2. Achieving balanced and orderly growth 
    3. Enhancing and diversifying the lifestyle of residents 
    4. Maintaining natural features
    5. Sound environmental management 
    6. Planning in the rural-urban fringe 
    7. Sound administration of land use planning and development
  3. 3. Select the 3 goals you think are most important for Corman Park to consider:
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