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Wild Millet


(Green foxtail, bottle grass, green bristle grass, pigeon grass)



Habitat: Grain fields, gardens and roadsides



Description: Annual weed that reproduces by seed.  The stem is erect, branching at the base and are 20 - 60 cm in height.  The leaves are flat, rough and pointed.  They are 5 - 25cm in length.  The heads are cylindrical and taper towards the end.  They are soft, bristly and green with a length of 2.5 - 10 cm.  Seeds are white, light yellow or purple.



Control Practices: Wild millet can be controlled by planting strong crops with the help of fertilizer.  Wild millet doesn't compete well with taller standing crops that provide shade.  Barley is one of the most effective crops.  A competitive crop should be seeded as early and as densly as possible to out-compete the weed.  Harrowing can also help to control Wild millet.  Summerfallow may also help if done every three years and is not the only means to control the weed.  Forage crops are also an option if left for a minimum of three years since it seldomly lives longer than three years in the soil.



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