Corman Park Police Service reports to the Corman Park Police Commission, a 5 member board made up of 3 R.M. Councillors and 2 council appointed R.M. of Corman Park ratepayers.

  • Emergency Response: Respond to all emergency calls for service.
  • Investigations: Conduct investigations on all calls to service from the public.
  • Traffic Enforcement: Enforce all Provincial Statutes and Municipal Bylaws pertaining to vehicular traffic. There are 1,200 km of municipal roads to police.
  • Community Liaison: Work in conjunction with the Community to better understand the Community's needs to develop solutions for those needs.
  • Law Enforcement: Enforce all Provincial and Federal Statutes as well as Municipal Bylaws.
  • Recruitment: Recruit members for the Regular and Auxiliary Special Constables (S/Cst) Program on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in becoming a member of the C.P.P.S. or for more information, please email the police.
  • Public Education: Have been actively involved in providing the public information on all facets of law enforcement.
The Corman Park Police Service are also a very important presence along the South Saskatchewan riverbank; assisting the Meewasin Valley Authority in enforcing their bylaws. Corman Park Police Service police Paradise Beach as well as Cranberry Flats and other MVA Parks.