Stinkweed is also known as:
  • Fanweed
  • Frenchweed
  • Pennycress
  • Cultivated fields
Stinkweed is an annual plant reproduced by seed. Stinkweed can produce upwards of 15,000 seeds per plant. The stems are smooth, erect, often branch out and are 5 - 61 cm in height. The leaves alternate and the upper ones clasp the stem. Flowers are white and approximately 3.2 mm across. The pods are initially green and become yellow/orange at maturity. Seeds are 4 - 6 inch reddish-brown pods that are flat and have rows of curved ridges on each side.

Control Practices
Cultivation in the fall before freeze-up will help eliminate the weed. The plants that germinate in the fall or late summer are hard to kill the next spring. Chemical application is also an option.