Wild Buckwheat

Wild Buckwheat is also known as
  • Black bindweed
  • Climbing bindweed
  • Corn bindweed
  • Cultivated fields
  • Grain fields
Annual weed that reproduces by seed. The stems are slightly angled trailing on the ground or twining on other plants. They branch from the base of the plant and are 0.3 - 0.9 meters in length. The leaves are arrow shaped, alternate and are smooth with pointed ends. Small, greenish-white flowers are located in the leaf axil or at the tip of the branches. Seeds are black, three cornered and pointed.

Control Practices
Till the soil early in spring to encourage germination. Once the seedlings have emerged, till the soil again and then seed the crop. Post seedling tillage is also effective. Till with a harrow after the Wild Buckwheat seeds have germinated and before the grain sprouts exceed 8 mm in length. Forage crops also help control the weed if they are left down for more than three years. Chemical application is also an option.