West Connector Route Feasibility Study

The West Connector Route feasibility study assessed different route options for traffic improvements on the west side of Saskatoon within Corman Park. The study was funded by the Ministry of Highways, Corman Park and City of Saskatoon.

The purpose of the feasibility study was to determine what route options are available and the following considerations for each of the routes:
- constraints and challenges;
- estimation of high level costs;
- required improvements; and
- phasing/staging options

It was not the goal of the study to recommend or determine a preferred route, alignment or design.

The Dalmeny Grid (Highway No. 684)/Neault Road was identified as the main corridor with three north options and three south options provided to link this corridor to main highway networks in the region:
- N1: Dalmeny Access
- N2: Saskatoon Freeway
- N3: Beam Road
- S1: 22nd Street
- S2: 11th Street
- S3: Hodgson Road (Twp. Rd. 362)/Valley Road

High level cost estimates for the routes range from $5 to $16 million not including any interchanges that may be required. Based strictly on traffic model data, there are no indications that any of the proposed routes attract significant traffic away from other roadways and there was no clear route which appeared to be superior to others given the traffic model data.  It was recommended that further traffic modelling be completed particularly related to origin-destination studies on traffic in the area. 

However, the feedback received from the public and stakeholder engagement supported the need for a West Connector Route, although the preferences for the alignment varied.  It was also noted by the stakeholders that current restrictions on over-weight and over-dimensional loads restrict movements around the City; it is recommended that further analysis be completed for these routes. 

If a potential West Connector Route is to be explored further, a functional planning study and additional public consultation would be required. At this time there is no funding assigned for additional studies.