South East Concept Plan

The South East Concept Plan (SECP) will identify land uses, servicing, financing and phasing strategies that will enable the compatible, efficient and cost-effective development in a key area of the current Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District and the future Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) Planning District

The study area includes future rural and urban growth areas, where development is expected to occur as the region reaches a population of 1 million. Existing rural commercial, institutional and recreational developments are located in the future urban growth areas, primarily along Highway 11 and around the intersection of Grasswood Road, and along Glazier Road near the interchange of Highway 16 and Boychuk Drive. The Greenbryre Estates golf course community is also located in the study area. Continued pressure for additional rural development in future urban growth areas poses challenges and needs to be managed. An interim strategy is required to address rural development proposals until the lands transition to urban development.

The current Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District Land Use Map shows current rural and urban growth areas while the P4G OCP’s District Land Use Map shows future regional growth.

A consultant will be retained by the municipalities to develop a land use and servicing strategy for future rural lands as well as an interim land use and servicing strategy for future urban growth areas including conceptual design, servicing capacity, phasing, cost estimates, and proposed financing strategies to ensure servicing cost recovery. The consultant will also be required to incorporate information provided from Saskatoon planners and engineers into a comprehensive SECP.

In 2012, an initial South East Concept Plan was completed by MMM Consulting Group for the current Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District. Another study the municipalities partnered in that is relevant to the area was completed in 2016 by Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc., called the Grasswood Mixed Use Node Market Impact Study. One of the major considerations of the market impact study identified was that servicing challenges would need to be addressed in order to facilitate development. The information from these studies will be reviewed and incorporated into the updated SECP where appropriate.


Communication and engagement with landowners, rights holders and stakeholders will be an important component of the study. Landowners, rights holders and stakeholders in the study area include key participants such as Cowessess First Nation and English River First Nation, other levels of government, rail companies, service providers, local developers and R.M. ratepayers. 

The engagement objectives are to:

  • update landowners, rights holders and stakeholders on the purpose and timelines of the SECP and provide opportunities to offer their feedback;

  • re-evaluate opportunities, constraints, and needs of the study area;

  • provide an opportunity to review the draft and final SECP; and

  • foster landowner, rights holders and stakeholder buy-in and support for the project and its long-term implementation.

Due to COVID-19, the engagement plan will be flexible and able to respond to dynamic and changing conditions. However, both in-person and virtual events/methods of communication are anticipated in order to engage with the diverse landowners, rights holders and stakeholders in the study area.




Project Initiation

End of January 2021 or upon award of contract

Data Collection

April 2021

Analysis, Land Use & Servicing

September 2021

Draft Concept Plan  

November 2021

Final Concept Plan

January 2022 

Approval Stage

Municipal approvals to occur after January 2022 


Should you have any questions regarding the SECP please contact Kylie McLean, municipal project manager at 306-975-2135 or