South East Concept Plan

The South East Concept Plan (SECP) will identify land uses, servicing, financing and phasing strategies that will enable the compatible, efficient and cost-effective development in a key area of the current Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District and the future Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) Planning District

Urban Systems Ltd. has been retained by Corman Park and Saskatoon to develop the SECP which will include:

  • a land use strategy for future rural and urban lands;
  • a servicing strategy for long term rural growth areas and an interim strategy for future urban growth areas; and
  • capacity and conceptual design of  transportation, wasterwater, drainage and utility servicing, phasing, and proposed financing strategies. 


The partnering municipalities have kicked off the SECP and we’re excited to hear from you! 

We recognize that this is an important project for landowners, rights holders, and stakeholders within the plan area and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to project information and engagement activities. 

Over the course of this year, we have planned several engagement opportunities where you will be able to have your say. Check out the graphic below to understand the five project phases and associated engagement activities

Engagement - phasing

Please note, both in-person and digital engagement/ communication are anticipated as part of the SECP process. Our engagement and communications will remain flexible and responsive to evolving public health guidance.

We are committed to the following goals as part of the SECP engagement process:

  1. Update landowners, rights holders, and stakeholders on the purpose, project timelines, progress, and key deliverables of the SECP.
  2. Provide an opportunity to landowners, rights holders, and stakeholders to re-evaluate opportunities, constraints, and needs of the study area.
  3. Provide an opportunity to landowners, rights holders, and stakeholders to offer input and feedback.
  4. Provide an opportunity to landowners, rights holders, and stakeholder to review the draft and final SECP.

We will be coming back to these four goals throughout the engagement process to measure our success.

Do you remember providing input in 2012 on the initial South East Concept Plan?

In 2012, the partnering municipalities and the consultant, MMM Consulting Group, may have connected with you during a workshop, in an interview, or via the online survey. We will be reviewing the insights shared at this time. Where appropriate, we will build on the input that was shared during the 2012 engagement process and incorporate it in the new SECP.

Stay tuned!

Watch this spot for upcoming events and opportunities to share your thoughts with us.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding the SECP please contact Kylie McLean, municipal project manager at 306-975-2135 or 




Project Initiation

January 2021 


Data Collection

April 2021

In Progress

Analysis, Land Use & Servicing

September 2021

In Progress

Draft Concept Plan  

November 2021

Final Concept Plan

January 2022 

Approval Stage

Municipal approvals to occur after January 2022