What is a Garage Suite?

A Garage Suite is a type of secondary residential dwelling unit that is attached to a detached garage or other permitted accessory building. A garage suite may be located within, attached to or above the permitted accessory building, and must conform with the secondary dwelling, garage suite, and all other requirements of the applicable Zoning Bylaw found here.

The minimum floor area of a garage suite is 375ft2 (34.8m2), while the maximum floor area is 1200ft2 (111.5m2). This area is the enclosed space for the dwelling and does not include the area of the remaining portion of the accessory building, as the garage suite can equal up to 80% of the total gross area of the accessory structure. Mechanical rooms and common areas or egress shared with the accessory building or structure are also excluded from the floor area calculation of the garage suite.

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