What determines when my road gets gravel?
  • The RM applies gravel to approximately 300 miles of road each year, and is operated on a three year rotation. Each spring the gravel program for the year is planned out and is generally contracted out during the months of May through June, following the lifting of Spring Road bans.
  • Some items for gravel consideration include: outstanding projects from prior years, ratepayer requests, the year the gravel was last applied and the existing gravel condition of the road relative to the type and amount of traffic. In 2015 the RM contracted 36,117.47 yds3 of Traffic Gravel which was distributed over 110 projects throughout the RM.
  • Calls come in from ratepayers requesting spot gravel. These calls are recorded and investigated. Once their merit has been determined, the requests are either addressed or put on the list for the following year’s projects. RM staff also note areas which may be lacking gravel and those areas are also addressed.

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