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P4G Joint Member Application Form

  1. The Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) District Planning Commission is scheduled to be established in January 2022.  It will consist of representatives of the R.M. of Corman Park, the City of Martensville, the Town of Osler, the City of Saskatoon, and the City of Warman (the “Affiliated Municipalities,”), who will make recommendations on land use planning in the P4G Planning District, which is a jointly managed area of the R.M. of Corman Park that surrounds each of the Affiliated Municipalities.  

    The P4G District Planning Commission membership consists of 13 members: two members appointed by each of the Councils of the Affiliated Municipalities, at least one of whom must be an elected Council member, and three members appointed jointly by the Councils of the Affiliated Municipalities.

    Please complete the form below to apply for one of three jointly appointed members to the P4G District Planning Commission.

    Please note the following as you prepare your application:

    • You must reside or own land within one of the five Affiliated Municipalities.
    • You must acquire and attach (upload) two letters of reference for your application.
    • All sections of the form must be completed except for the 'how you heard of the opportunity' section which is optional. Please enter “N/A” in any fields that are not applicable. 

    Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Successful candidates will be contacted once the Affiliated Municipalities have made their decision.

    Appointees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that members maintain the confidentiality of information received by them in their capacity as members of the P4G District Planning Commission.

  2. Applicants must not be practicing realtors or land developers, or actively engage in a related profession (eg. planning consultant, civil engineering consultant, land surveyor).

  3. References

    The applicant is responsible for obtaining and providing two letters of reference supporting the applicant.

  4. Upload a letter from your reference

  5. Upload a letter from your reference

  6. In accordance with The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the personal information collected on this form will be used and disclosed for purposes relating to the selection process and for administration of the P4G District Planning Commission.  If you have any questions relating to the collection and use of this information, please contact any Affiliated Municipal office.

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