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South RM Survey


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  • Step One

    1. R.M. of Corman Park Council wants to hear from you! This survey is being undertaken to collect general, high-level feedback to help determine content for upcoming Corman Park planning projects including concept plans, bylaw amendments and servicing strategies in Divisions 1-3 south of Saskatoon.
    2. Included in the survey are topics we would like to collect input on such as increased density, re-subdivision of existing multi-parcel developments, and the introduction or expansion of other land uses (commercial, recreational, or light industrial, for example). There is an opportunity to provide additional input on any other municipal concerns or issues you may have at the end of the survey.
    3. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. All individual responses will be confidential, however survey responses will be compiled and aggregated by Corman Park Administration into themes and responses to help define the scope of upcoming projects for R.M. Council.
    4. Do you own land/live in a multi-parcel country residential development or other type of property?