Corman Park Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaw Update

Check out the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Virtual Information Session to learn about the project: 

Corman Park is undertaking a comprehensive review and update to its Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw. The review is being done to align both documents with provincial legislative requirements, to respond to emerging market trends and to ensure their alignment with best planning practices.

An Official Community Plan (OCP) describes the long-term vision of communities by stating objectives and policies that guide municipal planning and land use. An OCP includes policies related to land use, transportation, culture, utilities and recreation.

A Zoning Bylaw is a regulatory document that implements a municipality’s OCP. It does this by dividing a municipality into zoning districts and providing standards to regulate subdivision, land use and development within those districts.  

Together, the OCP and Zoning Bylaw are the main tools the R.M. has to ensure development occurs in an orderly, compatible, and sustainable manner.

Does this project apply to me?

The area inside the new P4G Planning District is shown within the blue boundary on the map below; this area will be controlled under the new P4G Planning District documents. If your lands are highlighted in blue, this project does not affect you and you will not receive project notifications or updates.

The remainder of the land in Corman Park outside of the Planning District area is controlled by the Corman Park OCP and Zoning Bylaw. If your lands are highlighted in red on the map below, this project affects you and you will receive project notifications and updates.

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Approval Stage

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding this project, please contact: 

Jeremy Dela Cruz, Planner 2 at or 306-978-6451

Shayden Brandt, Planner 1 at or 306-978-6421

Official Community Plan Open Houses

Throughout August and September 2023, residents, business owners, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders were invited to attend one of the six Open Houses to discuss Corman Park's new Official Community Plan. 

If you were unable to attend an open house, we encourage you to review the Open House Info Boards and Preliminary Land Use map and submit a Feedback Form.

What type of feedback will the R.M. be looking for?

The review involves public involvement from the beginning to the end so that goals and policies reflect community concerns and desires for the future. Here are some examples of specific things to look for when participating in public engagement and reviewing the revised OCP and Zoning Bylaw policies:

  • Reflect on the goals of your community. Do the policies within the OCP help to attain those goals? Are there policies that should not be in the OCP? Are there policies missing? 
  • The OCP and Zoning Bylaw have policies about different sectors and industries that many residents and business owners will be familiar with and we want this input. Do the proposed policies relating to an industry reflect current best practices? Is the terminology different from what is commonly used by industry professionals?
  • We want documents to be easily understood. Is there anything that could make the OCP and Zoning Bylaw easier to read and navigate? 
  • Review what uses are listed as permitted and discretionary in the zone you live or work in and any other zones on adjacent properties. Are there uses listed that you don’t think fit with the character of the neighbourhood? Should any uses be added or are missing?
  • Is it clear how you can develop on your property using the policies in the Zoning Bylaw? Are there any policies that seem to contradict each other?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this project affect me?

If you own, lease, or rent property located in the R.M. outside of the P4G boundary, you will be affected by this project.

The OCP and Zoning Bylaw regulate how land can be developed. Development includes anything from building a house, deck or shed, to large scale commercial or industrial subdivisions. Other development proposals frequently received by the Planning Department include:

  • subdivision of a new or existing yard site from a quarter section;
  • establishment of a home based business or
  • construction of a garden suite

With very few exceptions, any parcel boundary alterations, construction of a new structure or change in land use must comply with the OCP and Zoning Bylaw.

What is zoning?

Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into zoning districts. Examples of different zoning districts in the R.M. include AG – Agricultural, CR1 – Country Residential 1, C – Commercial, and M1 – Light Industrial.

Regulations for each zoning district specify which land uses are prohibited, permitted or discretionary. Each zoning district may have regulations or standards such as the dimension of new lots or parcels of land, the size, location, dimensions and types of buildings and provisions for required parking. Knowing what your land is zoned is the first step in determining what types of development you can consider.

What is the difference between a permitted use and discretionary use?

A permitted use is a type of development that the Planning Department can issue a permit for without going to Council for approval. Applications are approved or denied based on whether or not they meet the requirements of the OCP and Zoning Bylaw. An example of a permitted use is a single family dwelling in a residential zone, because there is very little risk of incompatibility or off-site impacts. 

A discretionary use requires approval from Council before a permit can be issued. Neighbouring landowners will be notified of the application and will have the opportunity to provide comments. A land use is classified as discretionary if it might be appropriate in some locations, but not others. For example, home based businesses are typically discretionary because Council will need to consider the nature of the proposal and determine if it’s compatible with the existing uses in a specific area of the municipality.

If a use is not listed as permitted or discretionary, it is prohibited and cannot be approved in that zone. 

How is this project different than the P4G Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw?

You may have seen information recently about the OCP and Zoning Bylaw being adopted by the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth, referred to as P4G. Because the P4G bylaws will not be applicable to the whole R.M., a separate OCP and Zoning Bylaw needs to be in place for areas outside of the P4G. These are the bylaws being updated by this project. 

Will I be able to change the zoning of my property through this review process?

All zoning districts will be reviewed through project. This may affect the rezoning of individual parcels however it is too early in the process to determine that. However future engagement will display information on potential property rezoning. If you think your property needs to be rezoned as part of this project, please contact us so we can discuss any opportunities with you.