Zoning Compliance Certificate

A Zoning Compliance Certificate is generally requested by a prospective property purchaser, a real estate agent or lawyer, before a formal offer is made to purchase a property. A Zoning Compliance Certificate is intended to confirm for the purchaser that the existing development on the property is compliant with the zoning district in which it is located and that all buildings on the property meet both the Zoning Bylaw regulations as well as the R.M. Building Bylaw requirements. This information can help inform your real estate transaction. 

Zoning Compliance Certificate Application 

To initiate the review, download and submit the Zoning Compliance Certificate Application Form (PDF) and include the application fee of $75.00 by cheque, cash or debit only. A Zoning Compliance Certificate can usually be issued within 3 business days.

A current Real Property Report (RPR) prepared by a licensed surveyor is also encouraged to ensure all buildings which require permits have obtained such approval and to confirm that the property setbacks have been met.  Where a RPR is not available, our Zoning Compliance Certificate will be qualified that we are unable to confirm this compliance.

Information Included in a Zoning Compliance Certificate

The Zoning Compliance Certificate is provided in letter format and will include the following information:
  • Identification of the property zoning and a brief description of what the intent of the zoning district is;
  • A list of permitted and discretionary uses available in the applicable zoning district;
  • An itemized list of building permits that have been issued for the property including the permit status. Where a permit remains open, a summary of the deficiencies that remain will be included;
  • Identification of any Orders that have been issued for the property; and
  • Identification of any other items that are deemed important which may be contained within the title file.
Under no circumstances will the R.M. Planning Department comment or provide a perspective concerning the property that is based on speculation - all information provided will be substantiated within the title file, municipal records or Real Property Report.

Please Contact the Planning Department for more information on Zoning Compliance Certificates.