P4G Planning District

In 2014 the municipalities of Corman Park, Martensville, Osler, Saskatoon and Warman began to develop a long term regional vision and strategy for rural and urban land use, servicing and development to grow the region to a population of 1 million people. This partnership is called the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth or P4G 

To assist in implementing a regional vision, a new Planning District was created, including membership from all five municipalities. This P4G Planning District would replace the long standing Corman Park-Saskatoon Planning District. The new P4G Planning District includes expanded planning district boundaries as well as an expanded 13 voting member District Planning Commission

The area inside the P4G planning district is governed by different bylaws than the rest of Corman Park. In order to create this new P4G planning district, a new Official Community Plan (OCP), District Planning Agreement and Zoning Bylaw were drafted and given approval by all five municipal Councils. Planning districts need to receive a provincial Ministerial order to be established, and the new P4G Planning District received approval to be established on January 1, 2022.   

Corman Park is now able to consider new development and building permits or subdivision applications that align with the P4G OCP and Zoning Bylaw. 

P4G Official Community Plan Bylaw 57/20

P4G Zoning Bylaw Bylaw 35/21

P4G Planning District Boundaries

P4G District Land Use Map

P4G Future Urban Growth Areas Map

If you have any questions about the proposed P4G planning district, contact planning@rmcormanpark.ca or 306-242-9303.