South East Concept Plan

The South East Concept Plan (SECP) will identify land uses, servicing, financing and phasing strategies to enable development in a key area of the the P4G Planning District

Urban Systems Ltd. has been retained by Corman Park and Saskatoon to develop the SECP which will include:

  • a land use strategy for future rural and urban lands;
  • capacity and conceptual design of  transportation, wastewater, drainage and utility servicing; and
  • phasing and high level financing strategies.

Status Update - February 2023

The project is in the final review stage. Public and stakeholder engagement has concluded for the project. A draft concept plan was received by the consultant, Urban Systems, at the end of 2022. The administrations of the R.M. of Corman Park and the City of Saskatoon are reviewing the document to determine refinements that are needed prior to sharing the concept plan publicly. Additional reports will be posted under 'Key Links' on this page as they become available.

Status Update – August 2022

 The project is now nearing completion. Prior to finalizing a draft of the South East Concept Plan (SECP) the members of project team from Corman Park, Saskatoon and project consultant Urban Systems Ltd., would like to invite all landowners, rights holders (First Nations) and stakeholders in the study area as well as members of the public to participate in a virtual open house. 

Please visit between the dates of August 29th to September 12th to view the project content, ask questions of the project team and provide your feedback.

 The following topics will be covered:

  • Proposed land use concept for the SECP;
  • Proposed land use categories within the SECP that are new to the P4G Planning District;
  • Proposed servicing options being considered for both the ultimate and interim servicing; and
  • An overview of financing and cost recovery approaches.

The purpose of this virtual open house is to provide an opportunity for landowners, rights holders, stakeholders as well as the general public to review materials that will form part of the draft SECP.

Status Update - November 2021

The South East Concept Plan (SECP) is just over halfway done. Urban Systems continues to work with Corman Park and Saskatoon on servicing and land use opportunities.

To date, two workshops were facilitated by Urban Systems; one in April and one in May to discuss servicing and land use goals, particularly in identified urban growth areas. The first workshop was administrations from Corman Park and Saskatoon. The second workshop was with the Steering Committee which includes representatives from English River First Nation, Cowessess First Nation, Ministry of Highways, Water Security Agency, etc. 

A final draft of the Natural Area Screening (NAS) was completed by the consultant in June 2021 which provided a high-level review of environmental features in the study area, identifying wetlands, plant and animal species and soil capabilities. Further assessment and consideration for conservation is recommended. These recommendations and when they should be completed will be considered in the final SECP.  The final Natural Area Screening Report is attached under Key Links.

The next stage involves Urban Systems continuing providing recommended servicing and land use strategies. These strategies will be shared in 2022 to obtain feedback from landowners, rights holders and stakeholders to help inform the outcome of the SECP. Both in-person and virtual engagement/communication are anticipated which will remain flexible and responsive to evolving public health guidance.

 Stay tuned for your opportunity to provide feedback!

Contact Us

For any questions/comments regarding the SECP please contact Vicky Reaney, municipal project manager at 306-975-1663 or




Project Initiation

January 2021 


Data Collection

April 2021


Analysis, Land Use & Servicing

December 2021

Stakeholder, Landowner & Rights Holder (First Nations) EngagementMay - July 2022Complete

Draft Concept Plan  

August 2022


Final Concept Plan

October 2022 - Present 

In Progress

Approval Stage

Municipal approvals to occur in 2023