Residential Building Permits Application Requirements

The following is required in order to make an application:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Submission of any supplementary information if necessary
  • A copy of the scaled site plan
  • Applications proposing residential construction must include one (1) set of 11"x17" or smaller paper construction drawings or digital set of plans (USB or emailed to, all drawings should:
    • Show the owner’s name, project name and date.
    • Be drawn to scale and the scale should be noted.
    • Be black line or blue prints on good quality paper.
    • Include legible letters and dimensions.
    • Where required, an architect’s or engineer’s stamp shall be included.
    • Clearly show the location of existing and new construction for additions, alterations and renovations.
    • Include a Foundation Plan providing the overall size of the foundation, size and location of footings, piles, foundation walls, size and openings for doors and windows and foundation drainage.
    • Include a Floor Plan including size and location of interior and exterior walls, exits, fire separations, doors (including swings and hardware), stairs, windows, barrier free entrances and washrooms and built-in furnishings.
    • Include a Structural Plan including the size, material and location of columns, beams, joists, studs, rafters, trusses, masonry walls, poured in place and precast concrete walls and floors and related structural details.
    • Include an Elevation Plan illustrating views of all sides of the building, height of finished grade, exterior finishing materials, size and location of exterior doors and windows and location of chimneys.
  • If different from the applicant, the owner of the property must also sign the application form or provide a letter of consent for the application to be processed
  • The R.M. reserves the right to require any additional information deemed necessary to ensure that proposed construction meets Municipal Standards, National Building Code Standards and The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act

Building Permit Applications

The R.M. is in the process of updating the Building Permit application forms, to provide clarification for applicants. These new application forms will include any necessary information, such as worksheets or guidelines to assist in timely applications being received by the R.M. As the Building Permit application forms are completed, this page will continue to be updated.

Supplementary Information

The following information may be required with your application, please review the supplementary information to ensure you have all the required documents:
  • Declarations: All applications for residential construction shall include the submission of a Declaration of Conformance With Ventilation Requirements Form completed by the plumbing and heating contractor chosen to complete the work.
  • Design Worksheets: With the following building projects, the Building Permit Application Requirements identified above may be satisfied through the submission of a design worksheet. Based upon the nature of construction, these worksheets are intended to replace building plans:
    • Attached Garage Worksheet - Provides the essential attached garage building construction information required by the National Building Code in a simple worksheet.
    • Deck Worksheet - Provides the essential deck construction information, required by the National Building Code in a simple worksheet.
    • Detached Garage Worksheet - Provides the essential detached garage building construction information required by the National Building Code in a simple worksheet.
    • Mobile Home Worksheet - Identifies the structures CSA number and the means by which the structure is intended to be anchored to the ground.
  • Guidelines: Basement Development Guidelines - Provide direction for basement projects intended to assist contractors and home owners in preparing floor plans.