Dust Control

2023 Dust Control Pilot Program

The RM of Corman Park is running a pilot program for calcium chloride dust control for the 2023 season.

The pilot program provides another option for obtaining dust control adjacent to your property at a discounted rate. Dust control may be purchased in 100-meter increments. There will be 2 set application times throughout the summer. A dust control application form (online) will need to be filled out and submitted by the form submission deadline. The RM will then arrange the dust control application for a discounted rate and invoice the ratepayer after the dust control is applied.

Distance Requested in 100m increments and approximate cost associated with each length plus applicable taxes for each application. (distance over 600m can be entered as Other on the application form, the amount will auto-calculate)

100m  ($526.29)     200m  ($1,052.58)      300m ($1,578.87)      400m ($2,105.15)      500m ($2,631.44)      600m ($3,157.73)

Dust control requests outside of the pilot program will need to be arranged through a contractor and the RM needs to be contacted 72 hours before the application date. 

Summary of 2023 Pilot Program Dates


Spring Dust Control

Summer Dust Control

Dust Control Week

June 5 - 9, 2023 (+/- a week, weather permitting)

August 28 – September 1, 2023 (+/- a week, weather permitting)

Form Submission Deadline

May 8, 2023

August 8, 2023


Terms and Conditions as aligned with Dust Control Policy TS-014 (Section C):

  • Application deadlines: 
    1. May 8, 2023: for the June application window (May 29 through June 16).
    2. August 8, 2023: for the August/September application window (August 21 through September 8).
  • In the case of a renter, prepayment of the total cost including taxes is required at the time of application submission.
  • Payment can be made in person, through online banking, or online by credit card. For more information check out the payment page on our website. 
  • The R.M. has the right to deny the application based on the road condition or future road upgrades. 
  • Sites treated with dust control may become rough or develop pot holes over time. If a road reaches a state where the condition of the road poses a danger to the traveling public, the R.M. will grade the road which will render the dust control ineffective. 
  • Dust control application will be in accordance with the TS-014 Dust Control Policy. 
  • Dust control application will be applied by 100 meter segments in length and typically 7.3 meters wide at an application rate of 1.36027 L/m2. The cost for dust control is $0.53/L plus taxes. Prices are subject to change. The applicant will receive an invoice after the work is complete which will be due in 30 days. Interest will be added at a rate of 1% per month and any unpaid bills will be added to and form part of the taxes on the Owner’s property at year-end.
  • Dust control will be applied over an equal distance on either side of the driveway unless otherwise specified.
  • The contractor has the right to change the application timeline due to weather or other circumstances.
Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the office at 306-975-2136.

Haul Roads

Upon request by a resident the RM will arrange for dust control application on roads with current Road Maintenance Agreements in place. These costs are reimbursed to the RM by the hauler. Dust control is applied for 150 metres on either side of the resident's approach centreline.

Other Roads

The RM does not cover the cost of dust control applications. Residents interested in covering the cost of dust control must contact the RM prior to the application date (a minimum of  72 hrs notice is required) and a grader will be dispatched to prepare the road surface for the application. Public Works will also refrain from grading that section of road immediately after the application.