Road Signage

Residents are reminded that there are over 400 intersections in the Municipality and that not all intersections are controlled. Please adhere to the rules of the road when approaching these intersections.

The R.M. replaces approximately 250 signs and posts annually due to theft and vandalism. Please report a damaged or missing sign online or call the office 306-242-9303 to notify the R.M. if you are aware of any damaged or missing signs. If the sign is extremely important (e.g.: stop sign), you may not use the online form to report. Please call the R.M. office or notify the Corman Park Police Service if it is outside the regular Municipal Office hours.

Township/Range Road Signs

The R.M. established a road direction system incorporating the existing township and range reference points. Range Roads run north and south and Township Roads run east and west. In most cases the Range Roads are 1 mile apart while the Township Roads are 2 miles apart. The numbers on the Range Road/Township Road signs indicate:
  • The Township or Range
  • The mile within the Township or Range
  • The Meridian
The miles are counted starting from the south east boundary of the Municipality moving west with Ranges and north with Townships. "TWP 352" refers to the 2nd mile in Township 35. "RGE 3044" refers to the 4th mile in Range 4 of the 3rd Meridian. Each Township is 6 by 6 miles; the miles are numbered from "0" to "5," and then back to "0" again.